The Foresight Approach

Foresight Strategies Group has the audacious goal of taking businesses from good to outstanding with foresight strategy methods. Henry R. Luce stated that, “business, more than any other occupation is a continual dealing with the future; it is a continual calculation, and instinctive exercise in foresight.”

Society, technology, economic climate, the environment and the political arenas are chaotic, volatile and uncertain. With foresight strategies and methods you are able to forecast your business’ preferred future. We work with leadership to analyze their successes and simplify their procedures. We focus on authenticating thought leaders, innovative development, and strategically positioning companies. We believe that if companies’ future competencies are awakened, ordinary companies can become influencers and be catapulted into greatness.


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Dr. Nilda Perez is a futurist and business strategist, businesswoman, and entrepreneur. She has delved into the trends that shape the future of businesses for more than six years. Her aim has been to prepare thought leaders that desire to prepare their business for the future.

By leveraging her skills as futurist, leadership expert, thought leadership expert, business coach, and she equips entrepreneurs, companies, and organizations with strategic business intelligence regarding trends, innovations, and forecasting that will position their businesses to lead in their industry in this ever changing world.

What Clients Are Saying About Us:

  • At a crossroads in my professional life, when needing to make decisions and finding myself in a place where my original plan for pursuing law school (mid-career) could not be immediately realized, I was able to gather a great deal of insight in meeting with Nilda Perez. Nilda is a consummate professional, who, herself, possesses an inspiring story of how hard work and determination can lead to professional satisfaction. Nilda was able to assess my situation clearly, convey information in support of my needs, and follow through on providing resources for growth. The best thing about working with Nilda Perez is her ability to effectively offer pragmatic suggestions for immediate action. In meeting with Nilda, I was able to see how by expanding my current business as a licensed psychotherapist and implementing “best practices” in marketing and practice, I could develop a plan to make law school a reality in the future. I look forward to an ongoing relationship with Nilda as I work toward continued professional development.

    Lorraine Gonzalez
  • “The best thing about working with Nilda was her heart for excellence, infectious laughter and personality. Her authentic desire to see people operate at their maximum potential exudes through her coaching style. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field of study and offers Biblically grounded insight which makes all the difference. Nilda helped to confirm what God had purposed in my heart and helped me to put in perspective that even fragments serve a purpose. Nilda’s life analogies bring a certain depth and richness to her coaching, setting the coaching experience above par. I would recommend Nilda to anyone with a heart ready to see their ministry or business transformed, rooted in Biblical principals that are guaranteed to succeed if they are correctly applied.”

    Yolanda Day
    “The best thing about working with Nilda Perez was her ability to listen then assess the need of my start up business. It was my first time starting a business and I needed all the help I could get. I was reluctant though to work with her because I thought that coaches were over rated but I was wrong.. I started with taking advantage of the free sessions and they were powerful. The results I got from working with Nilda were astonishing and now I have the information and confidence to move forward in my business. I’d recommend Nilda Perez to anyone!!!”

    Carmen Amoros-Goldberg
    “Nilda Perez has provided excellent and creative business marketing coaching, which has truly helped my business to thrive. Her brilliant marketing strategies have helped me increase my online following, thereby increasing my business’s global visibility. Nilda Perez’s genius, coupled with her incredibly sharp and professional business sense, has given my business trackable success. Her marketing formulas have given my business nothing less than 100% success. I don’t know how I ever managed without her.”

    Clarisel Gonzalez
    “Nilda Perez has her own business called Aspire 4 Life Inc. The name is fitting. She is driven to use her broad educational and professional background in the social worker and entrepreneurial fields to help others make their business dreams a reality. She shares her real life experiences on starting and growing a business and offers strategies on building a business mindset. She dares entrepreneurs to think differently, have a clear strategy, and aspire for more.”

    George Acevedo
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    “Partnering with Dr. Nilda Perez revolutionized the direction of my business by providing keen insights, fresh perspectives and common sense practices. This will clearly differentiate my business in the marketplace. I am both inspired and excited about strategically and steadily growing my business. I highly recommend Dr. Nilda Perez to all business owners.”

    Deborah Scerbo
    “The processing of your business coaching has set me in an amazing journey. I have changed my direction and I am now fulfilling my lifelong dream of producing my own show. I have produced and edited the show. Now I am in the negotiating phase of my very own TV show. The word God gave me was to be BRAVE! And I have kicked off 2014 off with a bang. Thank you Nilda for your guidance in business coaching.”

    Annette Ortiz-Mata
    “Nilda’s training style was interactive and fun. It wasn’t about just sitting there and soaking in the information. She was creative in her presentation and taught us how to immediately begin applying the knowledge in our businesses. Her information was tangible, something you can take away and apply. I am ready to go back and implement it all.”

    Adranae Oyola-Mena