5 Keys to Prepare an Innovative Culture
5 Keys to Preparing for Innovative Culture

5 Keys to Prepare an Innovative Culture

To generate an innovative culture it is important to become a life learner. William Pollard quoted that “Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.” 

Life is about change.  But the 21st-century information age has taken change by storm. So much so, that if you are not willing to adapt to an innovative culture eventually you will be disoriented and isolated. Why do I say this? Because innovation has become imperative to staying afloat in business and in life.

You want to create:

  1. An innovative culture
  2. Seek to make an impact in the world
  3. Ignite curiosity with a “what if?” mentality
  4. Desire to transform the world
  5. Be teachable

With this, you will be in pursuit of situations, products, services that you can improve. As I teach about innovation and the process which takes you from A – Z, it is clear that it’s all mindset. As children, we have a vivid imagination, curious and believing the impossible. As we grow we begin to lose this.

As you broaden your mind and look at life from that same childlike perspective and through learning new things, you peak your curiosity. Being well versed in your profession, your industry, and in continual pursuit of a big idea will help you develop an innovative culture.

When you are committed to learning you begin to view life with a 3-D perspective. Looking at every angle of possibilities. And you read, participate in webinars, conferences, and learn from experts. Surround yourself with those more experienced than you, in order to change your perspective, and sprout a visionary mindset.

What does an innovative culture look like?

  1. Creative thinking
  2. Challenging the status quo
  3. Solving complex problems
  4. Creating influence
  5. Thought leadership

I attended the Future Festival presented by the Association of Professional Futurist. Katie King spoke about her “Teach the Future” curriculum created to teach children foresight thinking. The purpose of this course is to teach foresight and futures thinking globally to children in schools.

She claims, “is important to teach foresight to children. Because foresight has the power to allow youth to see themselves in the future and have a sense that they can have some influence over it.”

This begs the “what if” question throughout their formative years. It ignites curiosity and builds and evolution of critical thinking, sparks imagination giving children the advantage to forecast a possible future.

I interviewed educator Virginia Vasquez-Rodriguez on Dr. Nilda Radio. A  doctoral candidate in Global Leadership and Business and high school Spanish language educator. Her success in applying innovative methods to her teaching is bar-none. Her gift is incorporating innovative methods in her teaching approach. She engages and takes students on a journey into the Latin American language, culture, foods, music immersing and broaden the perspective of her students. Her instructing style pales in comparison to what many of us had.

She quoted:

 “Whether your motivations are practical, intellectual or sentimental, learning a world language is something that will benefit you for the rest of your life! 

As a result, she stretches her students mind into a deep dive into the language, culture, food, music by bringing that student to fully interconnect on various levels. This is innovation!  How can you be innovative in your business or profession?

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