Applying SWOT Analysis to Your Small Business – Part I
Applying SWOT Analysis to Your Small Business

Applying SWOT Analysis to Your Small Business – Part I

Oftentimes something like SWOT analysis is thought to be applied only for large businesses. Yet nothing is further from the truth small businesses can see notable business growth if they to apply the SWOT analysis to their small business. Let’s examine what SWOT means: S is knowing your business Strengths, W understanding where your business has Weaknesses, then you want to scan the external Opportunities, and Threats. When you apply the SWOT analysis you are doing an internal and external audit of possible effects to your business.

These four things will impact your business the most and, if addressed properly, can produce the most spectacular results. The SWOT analysis allows you to explore your business closely, see what is working what isn’t. It also allows you to environmental threats that you can prepare for or opportunities you can seize. SWOT analysis gives you a birds eye-view of all possibilities while giving you a boost in performance, confidence, capabilities, and, of course, opportunities. You are able to create a better business strategies when you are aware of your internal and external situation. Large companies do regular SWOT analysis in hopes to best understand what they are dealing with internally and externally, and for the most part it equates to business growth. If you would like to see the most success possible, this is something that you want to apply in your business. It is possible, you just have to have the confidence and drive to start doing it.

Your strengths should be nurtured. When you figure out what your business strengths are, improve upon them and make them your core focus. They are where you are doing best and in the leading market this will be your stamp which will make room for greater success. While this does not mean that you should throw everything else away, it does mean that you should realize where you are most capable, this is your businesses signature. Focusing on your businesses strengths will be the catalyst in setting you apart from your competition.

As you broaden and continue to improve and expand them over time, you can see the success in the increase profit. This will give your business the boost that it needs to not only keep going, but to leave the rest behind as you make your own path and lead the way for others to follow. Nabisco’s best seller is the Oreo cookie, no matter what else they feature they never lose their signature cookie. Children from 1 – 99 love the Oreo cookie that is their strength and they know that. Now you need to assess what is your strengths are and build on them. Watch for the next segment of this article where I will show you how SWOT analysis can increase your businesses growth.

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