How To be Grateful for Your Accomplishments

High achievers who setting goals are a lifestyle too often fail to take the time to be grateful for their accomplishments, no matter how small. There is such an immense focus on big outcomes and obtaining success that forgetting to celebrate the small victories that get us there is way too common. You see those…
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Competing for the Future

There are tools that are essential in the positioning your business for competing for the future. Future design in business can adequately place you to compete and win, in these uncertain times. It is strategic foresight. It’s a forecast of what’s to come. A weather gives you a pretty good estimate of how to prepare…
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Connecting Dots with Cesar Perez, Tech Innovator

Cesar Perez is a technology innovator. He is CRO/Founder of BKD Digital, Inc. a company that provides digital strategy, design, content &. web development. Cesar is a leader in the world of technology for over 14 years providing digital technology to many Fortune 500 organizations. He is currently a vendor for SapienNitro and formerly their…
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