Can You Be Sure Your Business Will Prevail onto the Future?

Can You Be Sure Your Business Will Prevail onto the Future?

Have you noticed that your business is not operating as well as it did even five years ago? Do you do things the same way but your results are less effective?

Many businesses are losing traction and this is not because you are doing anything wrong but you haven’t been keeping up with the rapid changes.

Your business should seriously consider changing its leadership approach in order to deal with the increasing demands of disruptive change. When a company no matter how small is willing to embrace transformation they stand the best chance to stand the test of time.

There are so many areas that are changing making you uncertain of the future of your business. But if you pay attention to several poignant things your business sustainability has the best chance of soaring.

According to the article Leading in the Future in Shaping Tomorrow a research and analysis service key in anticipating the future, they report that today’s business must stay at the forefront of change. Taking the position of leadership will be key in business sustainability.

Here are four changes that merit your attention:

  1. We are rapidly moving into a client-centric model. Customer satisfaction will control the market. Those that use this model have the best chance for economic sustainability
  2. Leaders will spend less and deliver more to their customers
  3. Cognitive computing is the wave of the future. This will facilitate new business models and change the way entire industries operate
  4. Ordinary people will become sudden influencers


Airbnb are the proof that these four changes work and it earned them $900 million in 2015. Their business model is customer centric and customer satisfying. By connecting the exchange between travelers and producers (homeowners). They are leading in the expenditure aspect because they are not in the hospitality business and they do not have employees. Travelers are satisfied because they spend less while staying at a clean environment. Producers are earning money while not having to negotiate with their hospices.

They have incorporated cognitive computing where it is algorithms that are facilitating the connection between travelers and producers. Lastly, the genius’ of this million dollar empire are were two average 27-year guys Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky who had an idea to create a website due to their need.

This is the way of the future in business. The future of business will require being client-centric, lead by spending less and delivering more, create business models, and see how just ordinary people can also be influencers. Can you be sure that your business will prevail the future?

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