Discovering Your Niche

What is your niche? This is a question or term that is being used a lot as of late. In the last several years it was a term posed to me regularly, yet no one could really tell me what it meant. I particularly remember a coach asking me what ‘my niche’ was. I questioned the term and asked “what exactly is a niche?” She could not explain it to me. I was sure I had one if only I’d known what it was. I will explain what a niche is and then you can answer the question for yourself.
According to Merriam-Webster a niche is “activity for which a person or thing is best fitted”. In other words your niche is your talent, gift, something that you do that is second nature. You never really knew when you learned it because it is something that just came naturally to you. It is the ‘activity for which YOU are best fitted’. Everyone has a niche.
Many people’s niche is their profession or career. It is often believed that when one decides to pursue higher education one chooses a career path. I for one, do not believe that. I am convinced that one’s career path often chooses you. You choose a career in something that comes natural to you, something that is innate and something you like or enjoy. Let’s explore this concept.
In my observation, certain professions such as electricians, CPA’s, writers, librarians etc. are not highly interactive and attract individuals that are not really people persons. They are only comfortable in small groups, have the same few friends and enjoy spending time alone. Let’s look at event planners, mental health professionals, sales people, teachers’ etc. they are, for the most part, people persons they love and thrive around large groups and have lots of friends. They love the party they would much rather not be alone. They love to help and be in the middle of everything.
Here is the important thing if you know your niche you will find what you were designed to do. Then you will never work a day in your life. Your career path should be chosen by your gift, your talent what is innately you! If you are already in a job or career and it’s something that does not WOW you that is fine. I am a true advocate of multiple streams of income do what you love in a smaller scale such a part-time, per-diem or volunteer for experience. Another thought is taking what you know and love and developing a new career.
This is especially true for those unemployed or looking to change careers. If you are an accountant and you are also an outstanding landscaper you can combine the two and develop a business out of your gifts. If you are a teacher and a knitter you can teach knitting to the elderly, write an e-book and come up with an array of ways that you can use both to develop a business where you will be doing what you love while earning an income.
Discovering your niche is simple all you have to do is list your interests, your talents, your gifts and skills. If you are at a loss ask your family and friends what they believe your gifts or niches are. They usually have no problem coming up with list. Once you decide what it is you will see how you can combine them.
Having a niche is only the beginning. Learning ways to collaborate them is the reward. If you have difficulty understanding how to combine the two you can go to Lunch Hour Coaching where you can ask questions and get FREE coaching responses. These ideas will help you develop the new you and you can begin a lifetime of personal achievement.

To Your Success,
Nilda Perez

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