Emotional Intelligence: A Prelude to Leadership

Emotional Intelligence: A Prelude to Leadership

Emotional Intelligence: A Prelude to Emotional Intelligence

Although the Emotional Intelligence (EI) has been a source of interest in the world of psychology (Edward Thorndike) and sociology (Charles Darwin and Herbert Spencer). There was yet another revolution to the idea of emotions and intelligence when Daniel Goleman, John D. Mayer, Peter Salovey, David R. Caruso studied how high emotional intelligence serves individuals better than high IQ scores.

Mayer and Salovey created a model composed of four branches of emotional intelligence which they identified as the model of four different factors: Perception of emotion, Reasoning through emotions, Understanding as the ability to be cognizant of emotions, and Managing emotions. If an individual is balanced in all branches of emotional intelligence they are said to have a high EQ score. Reuven Bar-On designed the EQ instrument that rates emotional intelligence levels.

It is important that people keep a balanced life in order to obtain optimal EQ scores which is the instrument that rates emotional intelligence. Being out of order in any of these area may effect EI. The areas are: Physical – maintaining good physical health is important in performing at work, home and play; Emotional – psychological health is very important, dealing with adversities properly, maintaining a positive attitude, being of good character are all important to the emotional health; Social – having healthy relationships both at and outside of work, having relationships that are personally fulfilling, trusting, and a where one can communicate freely by being authentic, where one can freely express ones opinion and share thoughts; Family – having dependable support, unconditional love, an environment that is safe and secure are important to good family health; Spirituality – having a strong spiritual beliefs are a source of strength, hope and faith are core of values that sustain an individual beyond family and society, solid spiritual beliefs are the source of strength in the bad times creating tranquility and harmony.

Emotional intelligence is suddenly all the rage but the study of human functioning for centuries. One thing is true and that is that there needs to be a balance in one’s in order to achieve optimal emotional health. Anytime that there is an area that is off balance for an extended period of time the EI equilibrium tips the scale. It is proven that high emotional intelligence scores are very significant in a person’s life as well as they are the prelude to great leadership.

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