Emotional Intelligence Defined

What is the relevance of Emotional Intelligence to Business? This is a great question. So let’s define Emotional Intelligence. For many years people were evaluated by their IQ = intelligence quotient. This determined the level of intelligence that individuals had or lacked. Unfortunately, this test did not take into account the quality of education the individual had, if there were emotional problems in the individual’s life, and their environment. Therefore, IQ varied significantly between ethnic groups, socio-economic levels, immigration status and whether or not the individual had parents that were interested in the individual’s education.

In the 1940 Edward Thorndike a sociologist started researching levels of emotions with levels of intelligence. This study opened curiosity but did not have an astounding impact until the late 1990’s when Daniel Goldman, John D. Mayer, Peter Salovey, David R. Caruso all did in-depth research on IQ vs. EQ. They learned that high levels of EQ absolutely rendered more success than IQ. Thanks to Reuven Bar-On who created the Emotional Quotient EQi test which sealed the deal. Now there was an actual test that proved levels of EQ.

This presentation explains Emotional Intelligence and the testing, something that is absolutely necessary in today’s business. By understanding EI you learn what kind of person you want in your company and who will be more effective over another person. We will revisit this topic shortly and make the connection between Emotional Intelligence (EQi) and high levels of business success.

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