Four Though Patterns That Can Block Your Success

Four Though Patterns That Can Block Your Success

Are you aware that your thought patterns command the attention of your body and can determine your success or lack thereof? If you have happy thoughts, your body reacts. Your facial expression, your eyes, your walk even your internal body reacts to your good or happy thoughts. This is why often a person who is in love “glows.” In contrast, when a person has angry, bitter, toxic thoughts, their body may react in quite the opposite manner. Research supports the assertion that illnesses such as depression, mental illness, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, etc., can originate from stress originating in one’s thought patterns.

Bitter thought patterns most often begin from resentment and unforgiveness. Yes, unforgiveness. When someone crosses you or hurts you and you replay the scenario(s) you begin to build a wall of protection to guard yourself from allowing it to happen again. Research proves that negative thought patterns turn into fear, fear into stress and it is stress that causes physical illness. The series of stressors develop into illness and stress can only be managed and maintained at bay by the power of a positive thought pattern. Four things that cause us stress are:

1. Regret – Many of us live with regret about things we cannot change. We need to begin by forgiving ourselves and working at changing today for the better.
2. Negative thoughts – thoughts such as “I can’t, I won’t, that’s too hard, I’m shy” are all negative thoughts.
3. Disorganization and disorder – living a life that wreaks havoc in your personal life and your environment commands stress.
4. Speaking Negatively – “I will get diabetes’s because it runs in my family,” “things always go wrong for me,” “I’m not lucky in love,” “I was born to fail,” or “it’s because of my ethnicity” all negative words.

Thought patterns can also impact success. Toxic thoughts begin in the mind, affect your physical being and emanates into your environment. You attract success from within. We are mind (thought patterns) body (physiological beings) and spirit (the inner being that is fed or starved by the mind), therefore, you cannot have success without it radiating from within. Yes, disappointment happens and hurt is inevitable but circumstances do not have to determine your thought pattern. Despite your circumstances, you have the power to determine your attitude.

With a positive attitude, you will decide your outcome and it will come to pass because your attitude will keep you focused on the goal. With such determination, it is impossible to fail at anything! There is power in thoughts. Your thought patterns birth words. Your words birth habits. Your habits birth your environment. Your environment is a result of your thoughts. Successful people don’t just happen, it is their pattern of habits that create their success. Their determination and passion all which begin as thought patterns.

Detoxify your thought patterns maintain good, clean, and positive, goal oriented thoughts. Believe the best is yet to come despite circumstances. Dispose of the debris of toxic thoughts and find the best in the midst of any circumstance. Negative thoughts have the ability to block your success, so be mindful of your thought patterns.

To Your Success,

Dr. Nilda

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