Ideas…How Businesses Are Birthed

The most successful businesses in the world were created from an “idea.” Much like an atom an idea is essential to everything. An idea will make or break a business. Once a great idea is sparked the potential for an incredible business are higher. When you study business success you find that they have either answered a pertinent question or they have solved a problem. Conversely, businesses with the most success have even solved problems that the public did not even know they had. Your idea should be relevant – it must serve a purpose that people want and need. The more applicable to the public’s needs the more of your service or product they will purchase.

You want to evaluate who has your same or similar idea – what are they offering that you can do better or different. Comparing how your ideas is similar or different can save your business. You always want to know if you have a competitor and if you do what they are doing that will have them excel over you. Differentiate yourself by creating significant differences between you and your competitors. You want to be fresh innovative and creative. If you brainstorm you can certainly come up with ideas that will surprise even you – these kinds of ideas will have you stand out amongst your competitors, by doing small things like taking a different approach.

There are words that should be part of your daily vocabulary and at the core of your business strategies and those are: shape, design, build, invent, innovate, narrate, create and most importantly – AMAZE! You want to amaze people with your skill. A few companies that were most effective in conveying the WOW! factor are Walmart – they took the department store, supermarket, pharmacy, car repair, music and sports shop and housed it under one umbrella = one stop shopping. The creativity was housing weekly runs under one roof. Starbucks – they took coffee beans – collected beans internationally and design coffee bars with Wi-Fi where people can meet in a classy environment that took them away from the bar scene. Microsoft – created endless possibilities through quintessential PC software and today no one cannot run a PC without their creative software. And Apple the most innovative in cutting edge informational hardware – they have created computers – iPhone and are known as the Royal Royce of the computer world.

Great businesses take their idea, and grow an unparalleled businesses – but you want to count the cost of reaching this kind of success such as: how much time will it take, how much sacrifice to my family, life, money will it take. And am I willing to do this passionately as if my life depends on it? Of all, time will be the most valuable resource that you will have to sacrifice – a new business takes time and like a new born a lot of attention until it gets well on its feet. Your motivation will be essential to your business growth – you want to make your motivation the heart of your business – even on those days when it feels like it is never going to take off.

Set your goals for the success of your business, without goals your business idea will be set up for failure. Goals need to be measurable and you should assess the progress along the way. This way when you find that something is not working well you can change the direction of your business. If these tips are tended to you will soon find that the merger of idea and profits will seal the deal and bring what started as only and idea to unprecedented business success.

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