Innovative Latinas #International Women’s Day

Innovative Latinas #International Women’s Day

Women have been taking a lead in innovation for the past decade. There are strides that they have made to make the changes they see necessary in the world.

Nancy Rathburn quotes that A strong woman understands that the gifts such as logic, decisiveness, and strength are just as feminine as intuition and emotional connection. She values and uses all of her gifts.”

In order to commemorate International Women’s Day, I would like to shine the spotlight on several women whom I admire for leading the crusade for innovation and change.

Jessica Alba – a well-known celebrity actress and now an entrepreneur. She found a shortage in accessing unquestionably safe, eco-friendly, beautiful, and affordable baby and home products. She partnered with and created The Honest Co. that produces products that are safe and vital to children’s well-being.

Solidad O’Brien – journalist and television anchor founded Starfish Media Group a production and distribution company that focuses on “real stories, authentic characters, and rich storytelling.” They offer a broad range of formats such as media platforms where Solidad reports and produces series, documentaries, digital content, live events and filmed entertainment.

The SMG investigates critical social issues, including the diverse issues of race, class, in the attempt to overcome them. SMG produces highly acclaimed ‘Black in America’ and ‘Latino in America’ series, that Solidad originated when she anchored at CNN. SMG is based in NYC but her stories are global taking her around the world.

Adriana Pavón – CEO and founder of the Detroit Fashion Collective. She created a unique and independent creative fashion community in the manufacturing city of Detroit. They concentrate on accelerating independently owned fashion businesses with a mission to ignite an entrepreneurial essence in design students.

The DFC services are unique in that they have merged: fashion design, hair and makeup, photography, wardrobe, image consulting, manufacturing, consulting, workshops and seminars with the intention to create a fashion mecca in the manufacturing city of Detroit.

Here are three women who identified a need and made it their calling to respond and create a solution. Three Latinas from diverse backgrounds who metamorphosed into thought leaders and innovators because they saw a need for a change in the world.

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