Never Give Up: A True Story of Determination

Status quo is lack of determination and goal setting! The battle for success is largely in the mindset. Several weeks ago at a mastermind mastery conference with my mentor he showed this video – about a man who had all the odds against him but in his quest to find a solution he got his life back. Too often this story resembles ours.

Initially the video stimulates emotions towards Arthur, you see his sad beginning and the unfolding of a great ending. But if you look closely Arthur’s life resembles many of us. This story in many ways is your story. We are paralyzed in in areas of our lives that keep us from our full potential. Yet, because we don’t realize it we fail to take the steps to set a goal find a mentor who will help us reach our goal. If we are honest with ourselves we set the bar so low that we have no goals, and unfortunately we reach them. There is a lack of determination.

Having no goals is actually worse than failure. When there is no drive and If you have nothing to reach towards you stay stagnant and eventually you die, emotionally, in one’s personal life and professionally. Stagnant, paralyzed, motionless. All worse than failure, falling and getting back up.
I have three wishes for you today and those are that:

  •  You set a goal so high that you cannot reach it on your own
  •  You find a mentor(s) that will support you and put you on their shoulders so that you can reach that goal
  •  When you fail you get right back up and keep trying and
  •  You succeed beyond your wildest dreams and expectations

Like Arthur I want for you to desire with all you have – to be able to walk; and that you learn that you can actually run. Your eyes have not seen, your ears have not heard, nor your mind conceive the great things that are in store for you. Set goal, find someone who will share this journey with you and stimulate determination and win.


To Your Success,

Dr. Nilda


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