We at Foresight Strategies Group/Academy have created a customer path which guides each client to the position they want to reach in their business success. We have used a chess metaphor to guide you through the navigation of your business growth through foresight intelligence.


This is the introductory phase brings you into the foresight intelligence game plan. Here they discover how to look at their business, career, children’s academic choices from an elevated futures perspective.

Here we introduce the foresight intelligence concept. We use several methods to help you discover their foresight intelligence. This segment is heavily informative introducing ideas through the Foresight Strategies Show in audio, video, an instructional mind map, and a book.


This second phase brings you closer to the match by exposing you to the keys to winning with foresight intelligence instruction.

This is an informational library which covers areas such as foresight, innovation, disruptive innovation, proactive innovation, understanding trends, the STEEP analysis (and external impact on business), and more. This library is continually being updated with additional videos


In this third phase detailed codes are revealed through instructional modules where you are guided through the foresight intelligence process.


At this level clients are prepared to implement the strategies they have been learning about in the last two phases. This is a home study system with six modules which include videos, workbooks, templates, and a blueprint to instruct you every step of the way.


Now the third phase is for you who are ready to accelerate through the foresight intelligence method and you prefer to work directly with the instructor and walk away with the project completed.

This entails coaching and consulting directly with Dr. Nilda Perez in a group setting. This phase advances the client to work on and create their strategic foresight plan in class. In this group coaching clients will go through the 6 modules to create a strategic foresight plan and find market space all their own.

In the Bishop stage, you will also have the opportunity for advisory membership. This will imply that you will have the opportunity of speaking directly with Dr. Nilda for advice on pending issues, guidance on projects, and brainstorming new opportunities.


Once you have gone through the first three phases you will be able to crack the code by interacting with like-minded individuals from varying industries in order to problem-solve, learn, and teach.

This a Mastermind of Foresight Intelligent individuals that have gone through the program and are coming together to brainstorm, educate, for peer accountability and support. In this phase the group is dedicated to sharpen their business and personal skills and learn from their peer’s achievements and/or failures and avoid pitfalls in their business; by this obtain unprecedented success.

The Queen phase is also for 1:1 and private group coaching which is customized specifically for the private client and working directly with Dr. Nilda Perez (CEO/Futurist) and Rachel Calderon (CMO/Creative Media Strategist)


This is the final phase which we call checkmate for you who want to take your business to unprecedented levels.

This phase is dedicated to those who want to position their business to be publically traded, to sell their company, and for-profit sharing.

The Best Experience Ever

"I have experienced Dr. Nilda commitment to excellence. Her quest to help you exceed your business objectives. She is intuitive, responsive a tremendous asset to those seeking salient and cutting edge guidance. Within the first 18 mths I tripled my revenue with her strategies."
Deborah Scerbo
Ambiance Design Strategist

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