"Dr. Nilda Perez delivered her world-class Foresight Strategy Workshop to the VIE Healthcare team. What an exceptional and results driven experience we had with Dr. Perez. We had several facilitated hands-on challenges that we were asked to solve as a group which added real value to VIE Healthcare and what we can create and bring to the market place so that we stand out as the only choice for hospitals who want to improve their operating margins.

I urge you to call Dr. Perez immediately and schedule her Foresight Strategy Workshop---your team will thank you and you will receive enormous operational and financial benefits from Dr. Perez’s expertise. –Lisa Miller, Founder and CEO of VIE Healthcare."

Lisa Miller,

"Partnering with Dr. Nilda Perez revolutionized the direction of my business by providing keen insights, fresh perspectives and common sense practices. This will clearly differentiate my business in the marketplace. I am both inspired and excited about strategically and steadily growing my business. I highly recommend Dr. Nilda Perez to all business owners."

Deborah Scerbo,

Nilda Perez has provided excellent and creative business marketing coaching, which has truly helped my business to thrive. Her brilliant marketing strategies have helped me increase my online following, thereby increasing my business’s global visibility. Nilda Perez’s genius, coupled with her incredibly sharp and professional business sense, has given my business trackable success. Her marketing formulas have given my business nothing less than 100% success. I don’t know how I ever managed without her.

Clarisel Gonzalez, http://www.puertoricosun.com

Nilda Perez has her own business called Aspire 4 Life Inc. The name is fitting. She is driven to use her broad educational and professional background in the social worker and entrepreneurial fields to help others make their business dreams a reality. She shares her real life experiences on starting and growing a business and offers strategies on building a business mindset. She dares entrepreneurs to think differently, have a clear strategy, and aspire for more.

George Acevedo, Director at Bronx Women’s