The Analogy of Frodo Baggins as Servant Leader

Frodo Baggins as Servant Leader
Frodo Baggins as Servant Leader

Servant leader is not a phrase commonly used to define leaders; yet the most effective and transformational leaders are servant leaders. Frodo Baggins the hobbit is a quintessential servant leader in that he takes on the task of saving middle earth. Frodo was not in quest of becoming a leader, nevertheless, he rose to the occasion because he felt a responsibility. Leaders do not necessarily ask for the role of leadership.

Servant leaders listen to instructions as well as to followers in order to reach a goal; just as Frodo listened to Gandalf as well as friends. His friends joined him on his mission to reach the goal for the common good of all. Servant leaders are empathetic towards their followers/employees and attempt to connect with them personally. They see them as individuals rather than commodity that service a function. Frodo connected and empathized with his followers such Gollum and the fellowship of the ring. He cared for them as individuals.

General awareness, and especially self-awareness, are strengthens that servant leaders possess. They are aware that they are not an island and they need the support of followers in order to complete their mission. Once the fellowship went their separate ways to attain the mission Frodo and Sam became very self-aware they knew their weaknesses and the fact that they were hobbits that could easily be destroyed, therefore they became interdependent with the fellowship.

Servant leaders seek to persuade others, rather than coerce compliance. Frodo persuaded his fellowship through his humility to take on the task. The fellowship trusted him implicitly because they were secure that he depended on them. He bearded the burden of the ring to help the fellowship and save them all. Like a servant leader his mission was bigger than himself and his needs.

Foresight is a characteristic that servant leaders have to understand the past, the realities of the present, and the likely consequence of their decision in the future. Lady Galladrio shows Frodo the future and what was a stake should he fail. This gave Frodo the incentive to succeed at his goal. He was concerned about what would happen to his followers.

A servant leader is committed to the personal, professional, and spiritual growth of others in the organization. By Frodo taking on the responsibility of the ring he gave everyone in the fellowship a purpose to achieve their goal. Aragorn assumed his role as king; Gandalf went from Gandalf the gray to Gandalf the white; the hobbits became courageous and worldly. Each member of the fellowship grew personally and professionally through their experience.

Servant leaders create cohesiveness and camaraderie within their team, organization and/or a followers. As a servant leader Frodo agrees to take on a task which was burden for him, it was taxing and draining this resulted in the fellowship becoming a cohesive unit fostering camaraderie and union. They developed a relationship and closeness that had they not been a part of this fellowship they would have never had.

Frodo was the prime example of a servant leader. He had a goal, everything he did was towards his goal and he gave up himself, put his life on the line to help the fellowship. In the process for reaching his goal he helped the members of the fellowship to flourish and discover their gifts. A business owner dedicated to be a servant leader helps others flourish while meeting their business goal.

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