The Leader Sets The Tone…

The Leader Sets The Tone…

Ever notice that the leadership sets the tone for the organization? A bitter leader has bitter management and bitter employees. A satisfied leader deposits the same to his management and it trickles down like oil. Aubrey Malphurs, founder of The Malphurs Group, has a philosophy “as the leadership goes, so goes the organization.” At its core the definition of leadership is influence; good leadership influences people. And bad leadership does the same. Civil service bureaucracies are notorious for ‘bad leadership’ influencing bad behavior in their people theory. Joanne Ciulla, PhD is the founding faculty member of the Jepson School of Leadership and she surmises that good leadership rests on a set of moral assumptions regarding the leader/follower relationship. These are transforming leaders with uncompromising strong values. A transformational leader raises their followers into leaders and the leader becomes the moral agent. Donna Ladkin an author and professor in Leadership and Ethics theorizes that “dwelling as active engagement” meaning that a leader must actively dwell in a situation and the people it touches rather than thinking about it from a distant viewpoint. Without this emergence approach with followers the process of engagement cannot begin. A leader who strives to find his/her ethical compass within the organization will actively dwell with followers and will learn far more than the nuances and the texture of the territory through engaging in it. Leaders need be encouraged to immerse themselves into understanding their employees ‘pain’ and address it accordingly. Change comes from a transformational leadership mindset.
Malphurs’ theory is that personal values are a vital part of the organizational culture. Overlooking the importance of core beliefs does so to the detriment of the organization. He continues to delineate ten essential reasons why core values are critical.


  • Determine organizational distinctive
  • Dictate personal involvement
  • Communicate positive change
  • Influence overall behavior
  • Inspire people to action
  • Enhance credible leadership
  • Shapes organizational character
  • Contributes to organizational success
  • Affects strategic planning

John Maxwell founder of EQIP and The Maxwell Company proposes that all leaders go through two phases: the call and the preparation. During the preparation stage there is an expectation to respond to a higher level of values than others. He coined this theory “The Call” the seed of leadership and the “Preparation” the fulfillment of leadership. It is in the preparation stage that the core values are examined and adopted. It is at this ‘testing’ stage that the leader determines what their core values are; these values set the framework for how this ministry or organization will take shape. The values for leadership were clearly defined at the Sermon on the Mount as Jesus reiterates the code of conduct that he instilled in man from Genesis. Bruce Winston PhD purports the Beatitudes as a wholeness concept the Greek word “makarios” which defines the incorporation of wholeness, joy, wellbeing, holistic peace and inner-satisfaction; on healthy Godly values. Leadership is a huge responsibility and a leader who is self-aware and exerts self improvement will develop a prolific environment that fosters gratified productive employees.

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