The Positioning: Latino Leadership on the Rise

The Positioning: Latino Leadership on the Rise

It is important for Latinos to be aware of the change that is positioning Latino leadership. The U.S. according to the 2010 U.S. Census that he knows are 16% of the United States 50+ million Latinos currently in the United States the projections are that they will be that there will be 90+ million Latinos in the United States by 2025. But this is not why Latinos are ripe for leadership – what is making Latino leadership a must is the fact that the world is becoming increasingly smaller. We are in the information age and technology is causing the world to come closer together. The domino effect is that by the world interfacing more closely there is a greater need for people who can interact with ease in this new environment.

According to Infoplease and Wikpedia Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world at 406,000,000 people. Second only to Mandarin and English is a very close third. With this information I believe it is becoming increasingly clear that Latino’s are ripe for leadership roles. Let’s discuss what makes the Latino the most logical choice in this new age globalization: firstly most Latino’s by default are bilingual, secondly they are bicultural they are also they have learned to live between two cultures and languages – the Latino and the American worlds and many have superseded the expectation to succeed. So why are there not more Latino leaders? Why then is there such a lapse in positioning the Latino into leadership roles specifically international roles?

What I believe is that Latino’s do not understand their power and why this is the opportune time for positioning. When Latinos understand the Hispanic Force impact and the things that others are doing there births in them a burning desire to innovate and create. Those whom have acknowledged the influence their competencies offer have positioned themselves strategically for success. The success however is twofold they are achieving personal and professional success as well as assisting those to whom they reach out to. The data is there they are achieving success, because they understand the how to favorably interface both domestically and globally.

All of this data proves that Latinos are building up their confidence and they are stepping up in Latino leadership roles. Certainly there is a shift. Hispanics are creating a mark and showcasing their success. Their hard work ethical behavior is paying off as they are redirecting that energy and building themselves up as business leaders. They are pulling themselves out of a subservient mindset and they are creating enterprises, establishments and organizations. There is a need, the numbers do not lie there are the people, now all Latino’s need to do is position themselves for success. The time is ripe Latino leadership is on the rise and it is time that Latinos prepare and acknowledge their position.

To Your Success,
Dr. Nilda

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