The Spiritual Keys to Increase

Four Spiritual Keys to Business Increase
Four Spiritual Keys to Business Increase

What is not oblivious is that most of what we do is manipulated by the spiritual realm. If this is true there are certain principles that we must follow to manifest financial increase. The internet has brought the world closer and shopping as close as your fingers. People now have the ability to shop online from their smartphones at anytime from anywhere. Gone are the days of treating clients as if you are their only solution, unless you can afford to back that up. Here are a few principles that you can use to ensure you not only a customer but a customer for life.

1) Give – as my mentor says, “give, give, give, sell” repeat. It is important that clients/customers know that it’s not all about your getting – the exchange of money for products or services but also about what you give. It does not have to be high in value: A “grand opening sale” or a “client appreciation sale” – Samples of new items. People love a bargain and even if they don’t buy they will come and look. Lookers are potential clients and if they like your product or service they can serve as your walking billboards.
2) Consider Others –In the Greek language there is a word for loving employees and clients and that is agapáo. This means you always do the right thing for the right reason and always put others first. Even if you believe you got short changed in the long run you will find that you have a client for life. When clients believe that you care about them they will go the extra mine for you and they will purchase from you because they trust you. The difference between a totally online business and high-touch business is that you know them, their name, their children’s names and they matter. When to take the extra time to listen and show people their value beyond just their change purse or credit card you have a client for life. Never skimp on your product or service – be generous and go above and beyond.
3) Care About Others – The best customer is the valued customer. Too often what I have seen is that people rather be right than take the time to listen how they can improve their product or service. Clients tell you what they want and how they want it – it is not always a negative reflection on you – it is an improvement on what is already great. If they did not think it was great they would not be purchasing from you. Sometimes for clients it’s about a one stop shopping experience, or about a change or improvement in the product. Take the time to listen to their suggestions, concerns and ideas. Let them know that you care and you will try to meet their needs.
4) Be grateful and show it – Years ago I was allowed back stage to a famous Latino singer. I thanked him for sharing his talent with us and explained our appreciation for his gift. He suddenly stopped me and said “no I thank you for allowing me to share my life’s passion with you all. It is I who am blessed to have you care enough to pay for my concerts and take your time to listen.” Impressionable! Your clients, customers, followers will care about you so much more if you have an attitude of gratitude. Show them your appreciation for their patronage. Gratitude puts you in a humbling position and people will lift you up.

To Your Success,
Dr. Nilda

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