Three Major Obstacles to Success…

Three Major Obstacles to Success…

If you knew that something made perfect business sense would you at least attempt to do it?  I want to discuss a topic that is rarely correlated with business and I believe is the biggest hindrance to true success; and that’s bitterness, unforgiveness and taking responsibility for one’s own actions. Yes, this is a monumental set-back to success and most people do not address this. So, how do bitterness, unforgiveness and lack of taking responsibility keep you from success?  Because as you thinks so are you! Your success is evidenced by your actions and your actions are determined your values.  Bitterness, unforgiveness evading responsibility for your negative behavior comes through in limited success in life.

You need to begin by identifying the obstacles that are keeping you from moving forward with true success. That may be anger with a parent, a sibling, a friend, former boss or colleague. Although you would probably not admit it but you held on to the negativity they spewed out at you and somewhere deep inside you believed the lie!  This angered you and you held on to the bitterness and anger. What you did not realize was that that soon became a 2X2 prison that only held YOU captive.

The bitterness became unforgiveness you start seeing the world through the eyes of unforgiveness protecting yourself (or believing you are protecting yourself) and keeping awesome people and great opportunities at bay. Why? Because your unforgiveness developed fear and fear keeps us from aspiring for accomplishment.  Unforgiveness is manifested in many different ways; nevertheless, it locks the doors to complete success. Unforgiveness needs to be identified and dealt with in order to be freed and achieve prosperity.

But the one thing that is seldom discussed is taking responsibility.  Although all of the negativity that has come to you is not your fault you are not absolved from your responsibility.  You have a responsibility to a) not continue to burden yourself with the memory – you are hurting yourself with the memory and only you can stop that, b) you must take responsibility for your engagement in the wrong doing – no one person is 100% wrong – there is always something you could have done different or better recognizing your part in it is freeing and help you to move forward, c) do not live in guilt, admit your participation in the wrong doing, correct what you can and forgive yourself.  Taking responsibility is key to moving forward.

It may seem unlikely that your obstacles to success are due to bitterness, unforgiveness and lack of taking responsibility but that may be because living this prison becomes commonplace after a while. You want to proceed forward and obtain a fruitful life free from the obstacles that keep you from a life of uncommon success.

Dr. Nilda

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