Understanding Whether or Not You Are a Leader

Understanding whether or not you are a leader is important in knowing what role you should assume in your career choice. Good leaders have an innate ability to envision. They have a keen sense of discernment which ultimately brings them great success. These are the people who “get it” while most others don’t. They see solutions while others are focused on the problem. This is something that not all individuals understand. Those people may be an amazing support for the leaders.
Leaders are few because most people need and want to be lead. Everyone loves a good leader. There are three types of people and I will proceed to explain the ability of each category. The three categories are: 1) Those who will ‘never see it’ 2) Those that can be groomed for leadership 3) Those who innately possess leadership these are the individuals who ‘see it’. Each of us falls into one of these categories.
1) Those who will never see it.
Those who will never see it will for the most part serve as support staff. These individuals do excellent work but need to be managed. Many times they are an good in their support roles. They are organized and are of great service but they can never become leaders. Attempting to put these individuals into a role of leadership would be setting them up for failure and can be the demise of an otherwise very successful endeavor.
2) Those that are pliable and can be groomed into leaders.
These leaders do not ‘get it’ from the onset but through training and educating they be developed into great leaders. These are the individuals that go to school or find a good mentor or coach to see them through the process of grooming them for leadership roles. These individuals need only to be instructed, guided and informed because they possess the tools needed to be an awesome leader. The truth be told most of us without wisdom and discernment can be easily blindsided by circumstances and swept by public opinion all of our lives.
3) Then there are those who are born leaders.
These individuals who innately ‘see it’ when no one else does. They continually are seeking problems to solve. They have perseverance, tenacity; drive and even when they are down it only last but a moment. They are innovative have a desire to remedy hindrances and inconveniences. They see adversities as opportunities to find solutions to assist others and because of their persistence always succeed. Their passion is, for the most part, problem solving. This would be the type ‘A’ personality who is organized and dedicated to their cause and they can easily mobilize others. These people get results!
Understanding one’s role is very important for determining what would be a good career choice for you. If you have chosen a profession where why you feel like a square peg in a round hole, you now understand why. Leader’s oftentimes feel like they are being held back if they are shut down. Leader’s who not groomed or skilled feel frustration when they know they can do more but do not possess the skills to do it. And followers who may be a leadership roles which are overwhelming but do not understand why. This is why it is very important to understand what your character is in your professional life.

To Your Success,
Nilda Perez

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