Want to Discover the Future of Small Business?

Want to Discover the Future of Small Business?

When you learn about new small businesses that shoot up and suddenly seem to jump up to notoriety and rapidly make millions, does this bother you? Do you find that you work so hard and can’t seem to reach that level of success?

And does the thought that something will come up and push your company or industry out of business?

Did you know that it’s small businesses with one big idea that are making the huge strides and changing the world? And did you realize that one Big idea that is simple and can solve big problems is all that you need?

If you create a great idea that will solve your clients’ problems, you will quickly learn you have found the lottery ticket to success. And it is small businesses that are popping up with fascinating solutions like wildfire.

There are two factors that will be essential in having you stand out:

  1.  A simple solution
  2. A great business model

Uber came up with a solution for its clients, and it just a simple but powerful app.

By creating an app that connects passengers to cab drivers, they designed their business model. This app solves the passengers’ concerns, because they can be in a car with someone who was screened by and licensed by Uber to drive.

The passenger knows who will be picking him up and can also track when the driver is reaching their destination. This way they do not have to stand outside waiting to be picked-up.

The driver knows who they are picking up, that they are going to be paid, and the pick-up and final destinations prior to getting the passenger. This makes everyone feel safe.

No matter what industry you are in or what clientele you want to draw in when you produce a solution to their problem you have found success. Uber was concentrated on safety for both passengers and drivers. They offered a safe drive, and assurance of payment and they profited $10 billion in 2015 alone.

What can you offer your clients that will solve their problem?

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