Why Would I Need A Coach?

Why would you, need a coach? First let’s define what a coach is. According to Webster a coach is a) a private tutor b) one who instructs or trains; especially: one who instructs players in the fundamentals of a competitive sport and directs team strategy. For many years coaching was specific to sports. The concept was later applied to fitness and nutrition. Modern day coaches are now coaching in areas such as personal development, careers, business, organizations, leadership and even spirituality. Fitness, nutrition, personal development, career and business coaches have made it their life’s passion to see YOU through the succession of your goal. Think back at all the times you have struggled alone to reach a goal, it may now seem apparent that having a coach could have minimized that long uphill struggle.
The question is when is it important to have a life coach? Olympians, fortune 500 companies and celebrities all have understood the importance of having personal coaches. The average person can benefit from that same experience but oftentimes they don’t completely understand how coaching will enhance their lives. Life can become mundane and routine and there comes and in order to get you fit for next phase of your life, career or business, you need trainer. Sort of like a “life fitness” coach; one that will push you out of your daily routine and into your full potential. The coach establishes the start, sets focus on the direction, and sets you towards your goal.

There are several benefits to having a coach. One is to give you precision to assist in steering you in understanding your present situation and finding direction for your future. Understanding is insight but ACTION is what creates success. Too often we waste hours, weeks and years’ knowing that we need to make a change but action is never taken. A coach assists you in understanding where you are, where you want to be and how expedite the process. Coaching has the best return on your investment (ROI). The end result is it is cost effective because there are fewer delays, better quality action with less risk. The focus is to motivate you to stay the course, focused on your goals till you see them to fruition. Your coach will listen to you objectively without scrutiny, criticism, or opinions. This is a relationship of support centered solely on your goal(s) as the focal point and getting you to the finish line.
Truth is most people who have reached any level of success had a coach to help them through that process. No one ever reaches a goal completely alone. There is always a person(s) that helped them reach their destination. Whether in sports, fitness, career or business everyone needs a tutor, trainer or mentor/coach to reach that objective. To answer the original question who needs a coach; everyone needs a coach in one or more areas of their life. If the focus is to succeed in any specific area then YOU need a coach.

To Your Success,
Nilda Perez

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