Why You Want a Foresight Business Strategy Playbook

Why You Want a Foresight Business Strategy Playbook

When companies express their frustrations in getting their business to the next level, I explain their need for a strategic foresight plan. A strategic foresight plan is to business as a playbook is to football.

According to the NFL, teams need to have a person who holds the position of “Quality Control.” This person is responsible for watching his team’s impulsive inclinations. He advises the coach on how predictable his team is, so they can defend themselves. When the opposing team understands the other team’s tendencies, they can strategize their plays accordingly. The competition’s goal is to win, and by analyzing your team’s plays from the previous season, they can figure out your team’s propensities.

In business, you always want to know what your tendencies are. What are the things that are predictable in your business? When you understand this, then you can change your plays so that the opposing team (the competition) does not have an upper hand. You do this through staying ahead via innovative changes in your business.

Imagine a strategic foresight plan as the playbook that will show you where your industry has been, what its tendencies are, and where its weaknesses are. A good playbook defines your overall picture containing scripts and dramatic plays in your business, high successes and the areas that leave you open to threats.

Your playbook should contain descriptions and diagrams of each team player and what special skill or talent they bring into your company. Your playbook is an accumulation of your business’ tactics and methods that will support your business foresight strategies.

The idea of using a playbook is to have a measurement tool and framework to capture your company’s knowledge, success, and areas of predictability. This will offer you a vantage point from which you can make the necessary changes and create your strategies in the areas that can use improvement for growth.

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