4 Practical Keys to Reveal Your Area of Expertise

4 Practical Keys to Reveal Your Area of Expertise

If you are a business-owner you have an area of expertise. Although this may be clear to you it may not be so obvious to all of your clients and potential clients. As a result demonstrating your expertise is imperative.

There are things that will position your expertise above others in your industry. Here are four:

  1. Make your brand promise unique – (Rick Barrea, Overpromise, and Overdeliver) – as an expert it must be your never-ending exploration to learn what your clientele wants and deliver just that. Husquvarna maintained this quest as their mantra; they do not focus solely on their products but their appetite to fulfill the needs of their customers. This has led them to increase their economic value by six-fold. It is important that you anticipate your clients needs before they do. You must make available all that they need not just on demand but even prior to the demand. For this you must know your client like they are your best friends. And repeatedly ask yourself “what’s missing?” “what else is essential to serve my clients needs?” When you focus on your clients will find that your business will skyrocket.
  2. Keep your commitment to your clients – as a business-owner it is so important to be authentic, transparent and have integrity, this means keeping your promise to your clients. Your commitment must be unwavering, delivering specifically what you agreed to deliver. This is where guarantees are paramount, this makes clients feel safe and like they can trust your promise to them. It also shows your commitment to them and this always successful in building confidence and faith in you.
  3. Be open to change (Dr. Spencer Johnson – Who Moved My Chesse?) – It is very important that as an expert that you keep your running shoes on and ready to embrace change. Most experts want to stay in status quo mode, not upsetting the mundane rhythm. But 21st-century business is about the ever so small but continuous transformations. The uninterrupted changes that evolve to make you better, more desirable, marketable, and an asset to your clients. Dr. Johnson explains that it’s not about overthinking or overanalyzing or wanting or demanding that things not change. It’s about always being open and fearless to change. Today’s business demands flexibility and mobilization. Focusing solely on where your clients want to go (the cheese) so that you can get there before them and be able to give them what they need.
  4. Position yourself for an uncontested market space (Kim & Mauborgne, Blue Ocean Strategy) – There were two geniuses who took advantage of an untapped market and found a flood of clients that were not being targeted by anyone in that industry. Cirque du Soleil is one perfect example. Cirque du Soleil reinvented the circus by posturing it as an upscale theatrical production then it targeted corporate baby boomers who identified with the circus as children. This understanding of the circus culminated with theater was the perfect merger and a huge success for Cirque du Soleil.

These four keys to reveal your expertise will help you stand so far from any competition that you will practically have no competition. This may be the end of the battle to stand out; these keys are essential in exceeding your reveal in your area of expertise.

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