Dr. Nilda Perez is a futurist and business strategist, businesswoman, and entrepreneur. She has delved into the trends that shape the future of businesses for more than six years. Her aim has been to prepare thought leaders that desire to prepare their business for the future.

By leveraging her skills as futurist, leadership expert, thought leadership expert, business coach, and she equips entrepreneurs, companies, and organizations with strategic business intelligence regarding trends, innovations, and forecasting that will position their businesses to lead in their industry in this ever changing world.

Dr. Perez advises, consults, coaches and trains entrepreneurs on future trends, strategic thinking, foresight cognition, innovative growth, thought leadership, fundamentals to drive sustainable growth and long-term relevance in a changing world. Her insights and competencies are in a wide range of industries.

As Founder and CEO of Foresight Strategies Group, Dr. Perez prepares entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations to create breakthrough idea initiatives and implement proven business strategies to catapult their project.

Dr. Perez holds a Doctorate of Global Business Leadership & Foresight, an MSW in Clinical Social Work and a BS in Social Science. She is a Certified Coach specializing in Business Strategies, Executive and Personal and Professional Coaching. She is also an active member of the Association of Professional Futurist.

Partnered with AARKS Digital Designs

Rachel Calderon the CEO of AARKS Digital Designs, CMO of Foresight Strategies Group  and Producer and Co-Host of a Live Stream Talk Show called Foresight Strategies Show, following a successful career as a finance manager in the corporate world. Rachel has always loved two things, technology and creating, so merging the two through digital design was a natural fit.

Her knowledge base has allowed her to expand into all areas of marketing such as strategic positioning (branding), media platforms (social media, podcasting, video), public relations (featuring you on magazines, podcasts, radio, tv, speaking platforms), and digital (websites, v-cards, blogs). She uses innovative approaches to helping each client be positioned in the best light.

Rachel has the talent to take you, your business and strategically and creatively catapult your platform to higher level using a series of models.

She is a native New Yorker who has learned much of her craft from Full Sail University a BA candidate in online marketing. But Rachel has also been trained by top marketers such as Joel Bauer, Ray Higdon, Dustin Mathews, Dave Vanhoose, Emerson Brandtley, and many more.

She has had a passion for marketing for many years and continues to perfect her techniques continuously.