An Easy Formula to Create an Innovative Mindset

An Easy Formula to Create an Innovative Mindset

Several years ago I was in a place in my business that had me constantly struggling to keep up with my competition. I soon realized that I had to offer something different in order to stand out. Although that was a no-brainer, how to reach that place eluded me.

In working with businesses, I have found this same problem. They are excellent at what they do, but they are stuck there and have not discovered ways to interweave unique solutions for their clients’ problems.

You want to begin with an entrepreneurial mindset. Entrepreneurs have big ideas. They think big, they generate concepts, and they are creative thinkers and thought leaders. Their vision is much larger than their present state because they see far beyond what is observable to the natural eye. They are the ones that seize solutions that change the world.

Here’s how to create that Innovative mindset:

  1. You want to listen to your customers/clients/patients. You can do this by having them fill out a survey with 3-5 questions. Ask them what would make your products or services easier to use, and what they would want in addition to your deliverables.
  2. Find that addition to your product/service that will make it easier for clients to use what you deliver.
  3.  Think of ways that you can deliver your product/service easier that will make it virtually impossible for them to not want to use it.

When I started my therapy practice ten years ago I realized that some of my clients have a lot of work related travel. This meant that they could not come to me on the weeks that they traveled. I started offering video counseling so that they could have access to counseling sessions even while traveling. Because much of the stress was job-related, my offering this service was a huge relief for many of my clients. This was innovative while providing a service that made it easier for clients to have access when they needed it most.

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