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What is futuring or foresight?

Futuring and foresight are a mindset that looks at the future in order to observe, understand, and create a plan for the future. In order to create strategies for your business’ future you will need to recognize industry trends, forecast the industry’s direction, create a strategy, and create your desired future.

Strategic foresight is a growing practice in large cooperation’s, but the FSG is dedicated to bringing this very same information to entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes.

Why is it critical to evaluate where my business is positioned today?

In these rapidly changing times businesses are feeling the impact of losing leverage and often not knowing where it is coming from. Competition is no longer local, but technology has widened that competition to an international sphere. But by gauging where your business currently is you begin to grasp what adjustments are necessary.

How do I apply a strategic foresight plan?

A strategic foresight plan gives you a birds-eye-view of the future of your business. Designing strategies will help you achieve high-level goals even in the most uncertain conditions. A strategic foresight plan anticipates and creates your desired future.

When do I scan industry trends?

It is essential to scan for trends regularly they will be very telling about the future of your industry. If that industry is moving in a different direction or if it has the slightest chance of becoming obsolete you will be in the know. You will want to explore not just industry trends but also across industries, looking for what you can adapt to your business or what can impact your business negatively.

Trends are studied from three perspectives past = the history of this industry, present = how it reached this level of success and why, and future = forecasting the possibilities and probabilities of a possible future.

Why is it important to be innovative in business?

In a shifting world if you do not create a culture of change you will be stagnant. Stagnancy in business is setting yourself up for lagging behind and eventual demise. However, when you are creative, innovative, and continually discovering new ways to solve your client’s problems you become a thought leader and your following will increase. By adopting foresight you are ahead of everyone in your industry.

Why should I want to engage an untapped market?

You want to engage an untapped market because your market can become finite. With technology changes come changes in business. Finding new markets to expand your product or service automatically places you leap years ahead of the competition.

Is this something I should do on my own?

Yes, you can certainly attempt on your own we offer home/self-study systems that many of our clients use to kick-start them into foresight gear and have exponential growth. The second way is hire a foresight business strategist, like me, who specializes in this advanced methodology focusing solely on building the framework for taking your business into the future. We use a state-of-the-art approach and design to position your business for the future in a non-competitive market space.



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