How Public Speaking Accelerates Business Growth
How Public Speaking Accelerates Business Growth

How Public Speaking Accelerates Business Growth

I learned from my mentor Mike Crow that speaking is the fastest way to success. Understandably speaking offers you a platform to someone else’s audience that you may not have readily reached on your own.

As a guest speaker, you are offered a platform with a position of authority. The stage opens the doors to a wider audience that has the potential of becoming your client(s). It places you in a positive limelight and many will remember you for years on end.

Speaking qualifies you as a leader in your field or industry. It inspires knowledge and clarity on a subject or idea. The best kind of speaking is when you can actually teach, motivate, and inspire positive change.

When you speak your audience should walk away with an awareness that they would have otherwise not obtained. Your talk should be memorable and entertaining.

The CEO of GrowBiz Media Rieva Lesonsky submits that public speaking is essential in gaining your audience’s trust and boosting your profile as an expert in your industry.

Although for many there is an array of topics that you can speak about initially you should choose a niche in which you want to be known for and establish yourself as the expert in that area. Once you have carved your expertise people would want to hear about your other skills.

Keep in mind the stage whether small or large is another way for you to claim credibility and confirm your expertise. Although there are many ways in which I coach my clients to create authority, the fastest by far is speaking.

It would be wise to find as many stages to speak on as possible in order to grow your practice business and become that notable expert.


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