How To be Grateful for Your Accomplishments

How To be Grateful for Your Accomplishments

High achievers who setting goals are a lifestyle too often fail to take the time to be grateful for their accomplishments, no matter how small. There is such an immense focus on big outcomes and obtaining success that forgetting to celebrate the small victories that get us there is way too common.

You see those small victories are the pillars of the big success. The huge outcome stands on the legs of all of the small victories. What we do is throughout our journey to success is become frustrated with the current situation because it does not match our BIG dream.

For this reason I do an annual analysis of my business and review my accomplishments. By setting measurable goals and reviewing them periodically, for me it’s quarterly you see where you are making progress. Even if you aren’t it is much easier to understand why you are not making the strides you had hoped to make. But, back to being grateful for YOU and your accomplishments, celebrating small accomplishment is vital.

Society and media tell us that success is the BIG house, the luxury car, yacht and lots of cash in your wallet. So we pursue that dream hard and forget that the gratitude is in the journey. We work long and hard and feel disappointed when we haven’t achieved what we think we should have achieved at that moment.

We live in a microwave society that believes that with very little effort we should accomplish our goals. As a result, the celebrations for accomplishments only come when one has reached the Big goal.

But here is a thought, what if the small things are actually the Big thing? What if because you cannot be grateful for the small accomplishments you keep yourself from the big one? There is a natural course of progression and celebrating the small things is a part of just that.

For instance pregnancy, almost every family celebrates the progression and growth of a baby from the moment they know they’re pregnant. They follow and commemorate every moment in the pregnancy. Imagine if we did that with our business goals. Find a way to praise even the smallest of achievements towards the goal.

There are several questions that are worth your review and analysis.

Do you:

  • Audit where you were and where you are now?
  • Praise the small attainments in the journey?
  • Know that success is NOT the big goal but the attainment small daily strides on that journey?
  • Honor yourself, your staff, your support system in the small triumphs?
  • Know success is the ability to relish the small steps you and your team took to accomplish your goal?
  • Know that today’s struggles are the best part of tomorrows victory

You see too often we poopoo the small achievement because they don’t look like what we think we want. This happens because we don’t understand that these are the foundation of success. They are the shoulders on which success stands.

This foundation is essential for when one reaches BIG success and then all of a sudden you take a huge step back. The small steps are the confidence that we can rebuild and renew. They are the lessons learned that will catapult back to success.

So instead of thinking you messed up and are a failure you remember all the small achievements that you endured to get there. Honestly, these are the little lessons one needs in order to reboot, reposition and take the next leap forward.

Life is not perfect! There are setbacks, and there are small failures but like Thomas Edison said when trying to make the lightbulb, “I have not failed, I have just learned 1000 ways that won’t work.”

The gratitude in the failures are the lessons learned, oftentimes, we learn more from our failure than from success. We learn what doesn’t work, so we won’t do that again. So take the time to praise, honor and celebrate yourself for your small victories. For steadfastness, strength and tenacity. Be grateful for how far you have come and concentrate on the small victories, and you will soon learn that in fact these small accomplishments were in fact the BIG Success!

Be grateful!

To Your Success,

Dr. Nilda

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