Latinas: Changing the Landscape of Business

Latinas: Changing the Landscape of Business

In an article I read in Forbes magazine, Geri Stengel reports that the 2012 Census reported that 36% of all business is woman-owned. When you consider that just before 1974 women were not allowed to have their own individual credit and until 1975 they were not allowed to have an individual checking account – this is pretty remarkable.

In a study performed by American Express Open women-owned business has increased 68 percent since 1997. This makes women-owned business growth the most rapid growth in business in 17 years.

Their study also reports that Latina-owned firms is an estimated 1,033,100 as of 2014 and generate estimated revenues of $71.1 billion. Here’s what’s even more exciting over the pass 17 years the number of Latina-owned firms has more than tripled (up 206%) making employment rise 85 percent and revenue has more than doubled.

In a report done by Geoscape intelligence briefing 2015 “Hispanics will have more economic clout, employ a greater proportion of the population and purchase sustainability more in goods and services than they do now.” This proportionate growth will be responsible for growing the economic and political landscape in the United States in the coming years.

It seems clear that there will be a notable increase in Latina-owned businesses as they continue to create, innovate and shape the world into what they want it to resemble.

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