Leading in Your Industry by Specializing
Leading in Your Industry by Specializing

Leading in Your Industry by Specializing


Isn’t it a shame that not all professions have learned the art of specializing? Professions such as doctors, nurses, attorneys, CPAs, marketers, and even event planners all have specialties. When seeking a CPA, attorney, medical doctor, or dentist, I always seek out the specialist.

Unfortunately, the psychotherapy world lags behind in the area of specializing and reaching ‘guru’ status. The few therapists that have honed in on a distinctive expertise, do still find it difficult to monetize in that area.

The Benefit of Specializing

Most of us if given a choice would much rather go to a Specialist in a field than a generalist. In 2006, Michael Porter and Elizabeth Teisberg introduced the idea of massive changes in healthcare. They proposed that the decline in the healthcare system has come from the lack of competition, meaning that everyone does the same thing the same way. No one provider stands out, making it so that providers fall into a melting pot.

Creating a Niche in a Saturated Market Space

Kim and Mauborgne, authors of Blue Ocean Strategy, suggest that those who set themselves apart in a saturated market space are the one’s that will lead in that industry. By reconstructing market boundaries they break away from the competition and create a new space within their industry. The challenge is finding that “specialty” that will stand out and presenting it in a way that the client feels they cannot do without it.

The idea is not just to specialize but to create an invaluable position within that specialty. You want to focus on what your clients’ needs are. Find products and services that you can give them that they may not even know they need. The more you specialize and make yourself invaluable to your client, the more you are worth to them.

Porter & Teisberg propose that in healthcare the premise is that it has transitioned to a customer-driven healthcare frame. Therefore, the more proficient you are in your area of expertise and the more you offer your clients, the more you become priceless to them. When you establish yourself as the authority in your industry, you will change your business from surviving to thriving.

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