The Reason Why Innovation Makes You Unique
Why Innovation in Business Can Make You Unique

The Reason Why Innovation Makes You Unique

Digital technology is the impetus driver of change that is merging today’s global marketplace. Those that opt not to be innovative will soon find that they will not survive the rapid revolution taking businesses by storm. With every passing day, it becomes more evident that only the innovators will endure.

Businesses both large and small need to generate a cycle of ideas that creates ease and value for customers. When you foster a culture of innovation your vision and mission will be adopted by your staff at all levels.

You know you are innovative when your ideas are satisfying your customers’  needs. An innovator creates rich ideas with practical products or services that make their customers lives better. When you develop innovative features, tools and elements for your customers you carve out for yourself a position of uniqueness and what I like to call thought leadership.

Bill Gates once said “innovate or die” a stance that may seem drastic but in this digital era, it is becoming an increasing fact. Complacency and stagnation are synonymous with life support. And eventually, it will only give in to the demise of your business.

Do you know that most companies both large or small do NOT innovate? Most companies are hanging by a thread because they refuse to challenge themselves and innovate. Large companies habitually through resources at a problem that would seem that would beat small businesses. Interestingly enough this theory has been disproved time and again. Smaller companies lack resources, therefore, must rely on their ingenuity to create a place for themselves. – Blake Mycoskie saw a need in children who had infections and diseases because they did not own shoes. What made him genius was his radically different business model. He built for maximization and what he coined “caring capitalism.” He incorporated giving into his business model and achieved huge success.

Innovation is a mindset and those who dare take the step towards their ingenuity by using their imagination find that they stand out as unique. Toms created a solution for a need while simultaneously an original business model that is replicated and incentivizes so many to give.

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Dr. Nilda

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