The Increased Demand for Entrepreneurship
The Increased Demand for Entrepreneurship

The Increased Demand for Entrepreneurship

Today there is an unprecedented demand for entrepreneurship. If you ever study past economic crisis’ you will find that the best way to get out of economic crisis is through creative entrepreneurship. You will also learn that the largest companies were created during economic crisis. The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation conducted a national survey of Americans to gauge their opinions about the roles of government and the private sector in achieving recovery; the findings were that there is a huge gap between national policy and the beliefs of the American people.

The decrease of the American dollar has been on a steady decline since 1913 and today it is hardly worth the actual dollar. The 2007 recession it is believed simulates the 1930-1940 Great Depression – as a result coined ‘The Great Recession.’ These economic crisis leave deep scars for individuals and families – with the uncertainty for even the near future. The number of people losing jobs are enormous and the longer the recession lasts the more families stand to lose. This most recent recession has had the worst effect since it has lasted for over 24 months (Congressional Research Service). The devastation has caused people layoffs, loss of health insurance, foreclosures and more. Unfortunately economic crisis’ and recessions are not uncommon in America or the world – and the most logical way to get out of it is through entrepreneurship.

The cookie cutter, go to school get a job days are gone – and a new demand for entrepreneurship is born. There are so many college graduates with no jobs because there just are not enough jobs available. In a study conducted by pollster Douglas Schoen with a random sample of 2,000 Americans – 300 of whom are entrepreneurs and 300 whom are aspiring entrepreneurs – the findings revealed that the public wants the government to do more to encourage individuals to create businesses and jobs, which is the best solution for the country’s economic struggle.

These difficult economic times causes an unprecedented demand for entrepreneurship; it pushes people to become creative and innovative – and establish businesses out of genius ideas. Research supports that the most creative business ideas come through a desperate need to survive during a tough economy. The decision to become an entrepreneur is mostly driven by necessity – yet it is the best way to achieve financial breakthrough. Although for many initiating their idea into a business can be intimidating as the financial need arises the demand for entrepreneurship will also rise.

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