Values & Ethics in the Latino Culture: Unveiling the Traditions

Latino Ethics & Values


As the Latino population grows and is more mainstreamed it becomes increasingly important to understand the Latino culture to know who Latinos really are. For many years there have been Latino culture has been stereotyped as backwards and outdated. Unlike a lot of other immigrants Latinos hold on to their traditions and cultural values for generations. Even though the second and third generation Latino-Americans are a lot more assimilated and acculturated to the American culture, there is still that pull to their own traditions. So let us look one traditions that the Latino culture hold near and dear.

Familismo is highly regarded and valued in the Latino culture. Latinos are socialized to a close connection with family. The core of the Latino culture is the family. For Latinos family includes immediate family but also grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins (Rodriguez) and god-parents and even extends to kinship family. For Latinos a long-term friend is considered family the longer they know a person the closer and more like family they become. They look up to and have high regard and honor for their patriarch and matriarch.

For the most part these are the elderly parents grandfather (Abuelo) and matriarch (Abuelita, Mamá, Welly) Respeto (respect) in the Latino culture implies submission to authority a hierarchical relationship orientation. Respeto emphasizes the importance of framing clear boundaries and knowing one’s place. This also comes from the idea that Latinos are a collective society who recognize the important of collectivism.

The Latino culture is known to be collective society. Collectivism emphasizes the interdependence of every member in that society or group. It is a cultural element that exists as the polar opposite of individualism. Collectivism stresses the importance and priority of group goals over personal goals. The Latino culture is collective in nature, therefore, the members have difficulty making decisions based on personal gains. Corona indicates that in the Latino culture as a collectivist culture they value relationships over personal needs. This is one of the many values of the Latino culture.

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