Where Is The Work?

The dilemma during this the worse recession ever is where is the work? With the unemployment rate daily increasing the cry of Recession and the comparison to The Great Depression one may wonder where is there work? According to The Financial Forecast Center, the US unemployment rate is currently 8.5 and predicted to be 10.3 by October 2009. This has people fearing for their financial security.
According to eHow.com, among the people who became extremely wealthy during the Great Depression were Floyd Bostwick – A research investor, John Maynard Keynes – an economist for the Chevrolet Company, and Camel Cigarette Company. This proves that even during a time where there was great loss of fortune and income, there were still some individuals and businesses that yielded money. Some individuals and companies made millions in currencies which were worth even more in that time. Consequently, while some were committing suicide and running rampant in fear, depression, and anxiety others assessed the situation and found where the money was and seized the opportunity.
So where is the money now? Well, the money now is in network marketing. It is in internet marketing that one will find the money; it’s online. There are thousands of highly qualified professionals whose degrees at this critical time are basically worth the paper they were written on. They have prepared them selves well and are highly intelligent but they are currently out of work and there appears to be no end in sight to returning to their professions.
According to U.S. News they have “plowed through hundreds of careers, looking for the jobs with the best outlook in this recessionary economy (and beyond), the highest rates of job satisfaction, the least difficult training necessary, the most prestige, and the highest pay. These careers have staying power: They’re smart moves now, and they’ll be smart moves for years to come.” They came up with 30 careers among them clergy, all professions in the medical field, hair stylist, fire fighter, veterinarian, ghost writer. They also predict that “Wall Street will force bankers to find jobs in other industries”. What for years was secured, is no more. Now is when one prepares for an immediate Plan B. In doing so, one researches and learns what is available to them. The new buzz words are home-based business, network marketing, MLM, home-based business, internet marketing and attraction marketing.
Until I lost my job 20 months ago all of this language was completely foreign to me. But since then, I have honed my ear to these buzz words making myself a student to educate myself in applying these principles. This is totally untraditional work but it is where the forerunners will secure wealth untold. As professionals polish their resumes and hit the pavement seeking yet, another job my advice is that they take a very close look at this new trend and join this cutting edge phenomenon.
I will agree that this is possibly the worse recession ever. I would even agree that it mimics The Great Depression far more than we would like to imagine. Clearly there is a paradigm shift; with making history with our first African-American president, who presents himself as an average American, and appears to be committed to a new order of business. Yet we should not solely rely that this one individual will rectify all of the economical damage done over many years. At this time we need to take charge over our own economic lives, find the shift in trends and jump on board to become leaders during this change. Decide to make unemployment a thing of your past.
I have a strong sense that those coming into this cutting edge of internet business will come through this terrible recession intact. For those of you who are currently enduring this recession through unemployment or the threat of unemployment and want to know where the work is, I offer you this resource. Make the decision to shift with the paradigm and make unemployment a thing of your past.

To Your Success,
Nilda Perez

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